3 Benefits of a Smart Heating Control System

Smart technology and digital tools for the home are becoming more and more common, with many home utilities like lighting and appliances being upgraded for use with a mobile or tablet. A smart heating control system allows you to control your heating and hot water all from a smartphone app, meaning you don’t even have to be at home to switch it on.

What is a Smart Heating Control System?

A smart heating control system is a type of technology that allows you to control your heating and hot water remotely, using an app installed on a smartphone or mobile device.

The control system is installed on an existing compatible boiler, and connects with the Internet router in your home. This then allows you to control the system using an app, wherever you are in the world.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Smart Heating Control System?

1) You can save money

By installing smart technology for your heating and hot water system, you can monitor your home’s energy usage and efficiency. This is because the app allows you to see how much energy you’re using, giving you the opportunity to assess whether you could be using less.

The smart technology also helps you to save money on energy bills by allowing you more control over when your heating and hot water switches on and off. If you’re running late home, you can delay your heating or stop it from turning on, meaning you don’t need to heat an empty house.

2) You can heat your home from anywhere

With smart heating technology, you don’t have to be in your home to switch your heating on. The app allows you to switch on your heating ready for when you get in, meaning no more coming home to a cold house on a winter’s day!

This is hugely beneficial as it means you have much more control over your heating and hot water, because you can change or delay your timer when you’re not at home. This means you don’t have to worry about wasting money or energy if your day changes unexpectedly, which is great for your bank balance as well as the environment.

Combined with regular maintenance from a good boiler care plan, this can even improve the efficiency of your boiler.

3) Smart features

Not only does smart heating allow you to control your boiler and central heating system remotely, but they can often come with features that can help you be more economical with energy usage. For example, the Worcester’s Wave Smart Thermostat and Heating Control system comes with a tool that adjusts the temperature of your heating to the weather in your area, without the need for a weather sensor. As a weather sensor often needs to be installed on the outside of your property, this is a much easier way to smartly control your heating without interfering with the structure of your home.

By using the smart features that come with these systems, you can improve the efficiency of your boiler as well as save money by adjusting your home’s temperature automatically.

How Can Butco Help?

We offer a range of options to easily and safely install a smart heating control system on your boiler. As well as installing smart heating and hot water systems, we can also provide 24-hour Boiler Care Cover, which includes a free annual boiler service, to give you peace of mind in the event of an unexpected fault.  

At Butco, our experienced gas safe engineers can install a smart system without interfering with your existing fixtures and fittings, which allows for a quick and hassle-free professional installation experience. If you’d like to discuss smart technology with us, please get in touch by calling 0333 366 1121 or emailing info@butco.com.