Why Does my Boiler Keep Losing Pressure?

There are a few reasons why your boiler might be losing pressure, but it’s important to also know why this is happening, too. This is because some reasons for a loss in boiler pressure may need the expert help of a boiler engineer to fix, especially if you have a leak.

Read on to see some of your most frequently asked questions regarding low pressure in your boiler and how to fix it!

What Causes Low Pressure in a Boiler?

The main cause for a boiler to lose pressure is a system leak. A leak gradually but continually reduces boiler pressure over time and causes inefficiency. Your boiler pressure may also appear low if you recently bled your radiators, but this should recover over time.

Ideal boiler pressures vary from model to model, though your boiler should normally sit between 1 and 2 bars.

For your specific boiler, the ideal pressure you are looking for should be marked clearly on the pressure gauge in green. This gauge can usually be found on the front of your boiler, or among the pipework underneath for older models.

Your boiler operates most efficiently when your needle is pointing to the ideal boiler pressure on the gauge as that is when there is the least amount of waste.

Why Does my Boiler Keep Losing Pressure?

If your boiler is continually losing pressure, you may have a leak. Leaks are not always obvious and can be difficult to find – you may not even notice any water escaping the system!

Keep an eye out for green deposits on the pipework as this would indicate there is some corrosion on the metal, which is usually the result of a leak.

If you do happen to find this build up, or indeed dripping water, and the pressure of your boiler continues to drop, book a boiler repair with a qualified engineer as soon as possible.

Is Low Boiler Pressure Dangerous?

No, a low-pressure boiler is not dangerous. However, if your boiler has low pressure, then it will not be running at maximum efficiency and will be costing you more money to run as a result.

This is because you are burning more gas to reach the same level of heating efficiency, and the hot water is not being transported around the system as effectively.

You may also notice that your running hot water isn’t as hot as it should be or that it takes far longer to heat up than usual. These issues can cause problems around the home, especially when bathing or showering!

What Happens if the Boiler Pressure Gets Too Low?

The lower the pressure in your boiler, the less efficient it will run. This means you will be paying more and more for your heating costs, especially over the winter when you are relying on hot water to heat your home.

If you notice that your boiler pressure is below the recommended level, you can manually top it up yourself without much trouble. The process is slightly different for combi boilers than traditional boilers.

The first step is to ensure that your boiler is switched off, and then ensure give it enough time to cool down before you dig around to avoid any risk of burns.

If you have a conventional boiler with a pressure gauge on the hot water cylinder, find the boiler pressure valve somewhere in the pipework near the gauge itself. Simply open this valve and you should see the pressure start to rise, just remember to cut it off when it is somewhere within the ideal pressure range.

Other types of boilers may have different methods of topping up the pressure in the system – please refer to our tips and FAQs to find out how you can top up your boiler pressure.

How Butco can Support with Boiler Pressure

Butco are there to help West Midlands families with boiler problems. Whether your pressure is always dropping, your central heating needs powerflushing, or you need a brand new boiler for your home, we can help.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge and responsiveness of our engineers – if you suffer an unexpected boiler emergency or simply need someone to look at your boiler pressure, get in touch with our team today.

We even offer comprehensive boiler service and cover plans from as little as £10.15 a month, which include a free annual boiler service. Regular maintenance is vital in keeping your boiler operating at maximum efficiency year-round!

Call our office on 0333 0366 1121 or send an email to info@butco.com to find out more.