Why You Should Consider Smart Controls With Your Boiler Care Cover

A recent phenomenon in the home heating industry is the development of ‘smart’ controls, which allow you to control the temperature of your home, and set specific parameters for your heating, all from your mobile devices.

This means that, even when nobody is home, you have full control over your central heating system.

But how is this technology useful and can it help reduce energy prices in the cost-of-living crisis? Read on to find out!

Smart Products are Designed to Help You

The idea of smart technology has always been to push the boundaries of modern technology to help improve the standards of day-to-day life.

Smart heating controls are no different, allowing you to monitor and adapt the temperature of your home from your mobile devices, no matter where you are. They also let you more easily control the individual temperatures of your radiators for each room at different times.

What this means is that you can set an adaptable schedule for your heating system to operate by according to your needs, minimising energy usage when you’re not at home. It also means that you can manually and remotely change these times when plans change, providing you have a compatible mobile device to hand.

Imagine that, in the middle of winter, you are expecting to arrive home much earlier than usual. Older, traditional heating control systems would have to be adjusted manually once you arrive home, meaning that you will have to wait in a cold house for the heating to kick in.

With smart heating controls, you can adjust your heating as soon as you realise you will be home early, meaning you can prepare your house to be warm upon arrival.

Smart Controls Can Help You Save Money

Perhaps more importantly, given the current cost-of-living crisis, smart heating controls can help save money on rising household bills. With careful management, you can ensure that your heating is only on in the rooms it’s needed, and only when you’re at home.

This way, you can maintain a comfortable temperature in the rooms you use most, only at the times you use them, which will help lessen your overall energy usage. You can also choose specific times to heat your water if you tend to bathe or shower at the same time most days.

Depending on your usage and the size of your home, smart heating controls can reduce your household energy bills by up to 25%. 

In some cases, smart heating controls will even adjust the temperature of your heating system automatically based on the weather in the local area.

Butco Can Install and Maintain Smart Heating Systems

As part of our home electrical cover and inspection services, Butco will install and manage your smart heating systems. We’ll even show you how to operate your new smart controls to ensure you are getting the most out of them.

Plus, with our heating and boiler cover plans, we’ll be there to help you that one step further. Our 24/7 boiler care plans mean that our dedicated customer service team are always on hand to help if something goes wrong, be it with your heating or controls themselves.

We will be there to organise a central heating service as soon as possible, ensuring you are never without your boiler for long.

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