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Butco Power Flush for Heating Systems


Central heating systems get old and, as they do, deposits build up in them which reduce the system's efficiency. Deposits of black iron oxide - more often referred to as ‘sludge’ - accumulate in the system and/or boiler, resulting in poor circulation, fuel wastage, system noise and premature failure of some components.

Powerflush can remove this sludge and improve performance.  This advanced rapid flush cleaner is perfect for restoring your heating system, making it more efficient and reducing your energy consumption.

    • Restores system efficiency
    • Removes system sludge, debris & scale
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Suitable for all heating systems
    • Delivers exceptional cleansing results

Do you need a Powerflush?
Try this simple test.  Locate the radiator furthest from your boiler and when the heating is running, place your hand at the top centre of the radiator for a few seconds, then place it at the bottom centre. If it's colder at the bottom then it's probably blocked with thick black sludge.

Prices start from £540 for up to 10 radiators.

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All prices quoted include VAT @ 20%