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Butco SMART Home Control Thermostat

SMART Home Control

Install Butco’s SMART Home Control System and you can control your home’s central heating from your mobile device.

From £229

• Can be fitted to any heating system
• Seven day control scheduling
• Wi-Fi connectivity
• Simple touch-screen interface
• App available on iPhone, iPad and Android
• Location-based programming (Geo-Fencing)
• More efficient, saves energy

The SMART Home Control System can be installed alongside any heating system from any manufacturer. It can be programmed so that your heating comes on at a certain time or at a certain temperature. Control your heating system with seven day scheduling, split into six time periods a day. With Wi-Fi connectivity it offers direct connection into your home. The SMART Home Control System app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Butco’s SMART Home Control System does away with the pain of walking into a freezing cold house. Control via mobile device gives customers complete control of their heating system wherever they are. The simple touch-screen interface simplifies scheduling and changing temperature. Location-based programming (Geo-Fencing) adjusts the customer’s home heating based on their location.

Customers in the West Midlands can save themselves time and money with our SMART thermostat installation. Heating efficiently with a SMART Home Control System means that you don't waste any energy. This helps lower your bills and make your central heating economical. Working with any boiler means that any one of our customers can have this thermostat fitted, from Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Wolverhampton, to Redditch, Leicester and Burton-on-Trent!

Our customers who have had the system installed have already noticed huge changes, in terms of both performance and cost.

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