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Surestop Stopcock

What are Surestop Stopcocks?

The easy and convenient way to turn off your mains water. Through a simple flick of a switch, a Surestop Stopcock will instantly turn off your water not only in an emergency, but every time you leave home.

It is the ideal solution if your existing stopcock in the property is in a difficult to reach location, or if it has become seized up over time and needs replacing with one that is more modern and resistant to limescale build up. The Surestop Stopcock uses a simple lockdown button to control the water flow, delivering an effortless way to turn off mains water.

The whole range of products are...
• Capable of turning off your mains water at the flick of a switch.
• Powered by water pressure - no electrics or batteries.
• Unaffected by limescale
• Guaranteed up to two years (can be extended up to 10 years)

Surestop Stopcock product

There are no electrics or batteries involved and, unlike a brass stopcock, it won’t seize up and be affected by limescale. They are fitted in an easy to reach location, or if that’s not possible, with a convenient remote switch.

The costly damage and upheaval from escaping water.
For a homeowner, tenant or landlord, a burst pipe is a major disaster. According to insurance provider, MORE TH>N, a burst pipe at mains pressure will leak up to 400 litres of water per hour (that’s two baths full). In many homes, a brass stopcock is their last line of defence from water damage. They are often inaccessible or fitted in a hard to reach location. What’s more, brass stopcocks are susceptible to seizing up; making it longer and harder to stop
the water supply.

With the average household cost for damage caused by a burst water pipe being £7,000*, the repercussions from even a small leak can quickly mount up.

*As reported by Direct Line

Why protect your home?
With Surestop Stopcocks, fast and instant action can be taken at the first sign of a leak, or simply prevented by turning off your water when you leave the home. We understand that every home’s occupants have different needs, that why our products have been designed to fit your requirements.

Choosing the right product for you
Surestop Stopcock: Our standalone stopcock is the perfect choice for occupants who can reach a new or existing stopcock, but wish to have one which is much easier to use. It features a simple Lock-Down utton to control the water supply, so that the entire system can be instantly turned off.

Surestop Stopcock with Remote Switch: The Surestop Stopcock with a Remote Switch is ideal for when the stopcock cannot be easily accessed. After installing the Surestop Stopcock, a discreet remote switch, with tubing, is then fitted in a convenient location - for even greater ease of access.

Surestop Stopcock MDPE: Ideal for New Build, this Surestop Stopcock is designed to be fitted directly between the external MDPE pipe and internal pipe system. The stopcock itself features a Lock-Down button to shut-off the water supply and is also available with a remote switch, for easier control.

Benefits to you:
• Reduced risk of costly water damage
• Instant and easy control of mains water
• Limescale resistant; it won’t seize up

From £199 installed.

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