How Efficient Is My Boiler?

With colder months on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about your boiler and its efficiency. Since you’ll most likely be using your heating significantly more in the winter to come, you’ll be charged a lot more for your energy usage as a result!

As such, you’ll want to guarantee that your boiler efficiency is as high as possible to help you save money on your heating bills. Read on to find out more about the different types of boilers available and what you can do to prepare.

Why Do Boiler Energy Efficiency Ratings Matter?

A boiler’s energy efficiency rating dictates how much energy is lost during the heating process, be it for hot water or for central heating.

A highly energy efficient boiler will have a rating of at least 90%, meaning that between 0% and 10% of energy used to fuel the boiler is lost in the heating process. This will mean that you are benefitting from almost all the energy you are paying for.

A boiler that is quite old and inefficient could be wasting as much as 30% of the energy you are paying for, meaning that you need to turn your boiler higher, and therefore using more energy, to feel the same results.

Older boilers that are properly looked after with regular boiler care plans are more likely to retain their energy efficiency rating for longer, but it is still advised that you change your boiler every 15 or so years.

How To Make Your Boiler More Efficient

There are several steps you can take to make your boiler more efficient, whether yours is gas powered or fully electric.

Before we begin, note that electric boilers are more efficient in terms of wasting energy, but gas boilers are cheaper to run due to the actual prices of the two resources. Even though a gas boiler could be up to 10% less efficient than an electric boiler brand new, the price of gas is cheaper than that of electricity.

To start improving the efficiency of your boiler, begin by ensuring that your boiler is checked by a qualified engineer at least once a year. Not only will this prevent your boiler from breaking down and requiring an emergency boiler repair, but they will also carry out work to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency.

Additionally, you could consider insulating your pipes to prevent heat loss while the water is travelling, regularly switch on your boiler on low heat during the summer to keep it functioning and ensure that your central heating is powerflushed regularly to avoid any sediment build up.

Lastly, you could give your boiler a much-needed boost with BoostaBoiler, an innovative system designed to drastically improve the performance of traditional gas boilers.

Give Your Boiler a Boost With a BoostaBoiler

Boostaboiler is a revolutionary, easy-to-use fuel efficiency system designed to hugely increase the efficiency of your gas boiler at home.

Developed by Magnatech, Boostaboiler took more than a decade of research and testing to perfect. This innovative system uses magnets placed in a particular sequence that cause the fuel going into the boiler to burn at higher temperatures, optimising the boiler’s performance.

Plus, a reduction in your energy consumption directly results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, meaning you are doing your bit for your wallet and the environment!

These systems are currently growing in popularity, and Butco will be able to source and install a Boostaboiler unit for you at home! Get in touch with us today to find out more about this system!

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