Streamlining Property Management with Boiler Care Plans

As a landlord with a property portfolio, no matter how large or small, you may struggle to keep up with all your home service requirements and repairs. When a tenant reports an issue, it falls to you to organise a quick fix and work out whether a replacement is needed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce this burden as much as possible? With Butco landlord boiler care plans, you can do exactly that – read on to find out how.

Simplify Property Management with a Single Service

Our boiler care service is designed to cover a wide range of issues and to take the burden of worrying about efficiency and effectiveness off your shoulders. From emergency boiler repairs to your pipework and even your internal plumbing, our comprehensive boiler care plans ensure you and your tenants are covered no matter the problem.

We provide three different types of boiler care plan, called Essential, Plus, and Complete, which provide varying levels of coverage. All our plans are designed to make your life easier, giving you and your tenants access to a 24-hour phoneline to report issues, a completely free annual boiler service for each covered property, and a no call-out excess option.

Boiler Care Essential – Covers your boiler and controls, ensuring it is always working efficiently and effectively.

Boiler Care Plus – Includes everything from the Essential plan along with all radiators, associated pipework, and the hot water cylinder. This is the most popular option among our plans.

Boiler Care Complete – Comprised of everything in the Essential and Plus plans along with your internal plumbing and drainage, helping to tick another concern off your list.

Additionally, you can choose to add electrical care or landlord Gas Safety Certificates to any plan for further coverage, ensuring everything you need can be handled in one place.

A Butco boiler plan can help save you time in the management of your property portfolio. In fact, we provided a dedicated landlord service, including Gas Safety Checks and electrical inspections, to help give you peace of mind and ensure that there is a clear plan in place for any of your tenants if something does go wrong.

The Advantages of the Free Boiler Service Included in Your Plan

All our boiler repair and cover plans come with a completely free annual service to the boiler in the covered property, ensuring that they are always running correctly and at maximum efficiency.

Regular servicing in this way is essential in maximising the lifespan of your boiler, preventing unexpected breakdowns, increasing efficiency, and reducing maintenance or call-out costs.

Boilers have a lifespan of approximately 15 years if well looked after, and regular servicing can help each of the boilers in your properties reach or surpass this number. This means you needn’t worry about unexpected boiler breakdowns, and issues with older boilers can be spotted and rectified before it causes a larger problem.

Lastly, the benefits of a more efficient boiler are two-fold. Your existing tenants will be happier at the property with lower energy bills and prospective tenants may be persuaded by the cheaper cost of living at your property, which will be reflected in your property’s EPC rating.

Ensure Tenant Satisfaction with 24/7 Boiler Support

Our boiler care plans will give you and your tenants access to a 24-hour phone line, enabling you and them to report issues as soon as they occur, resulting in a faster boiler repair service.

Our customer service team can immediately schedule an emergency boiler service with the soonest available engineer, guaranteeing you will never be left in the cold for long. We provide specialist and localised support across the West Midlands, which means we can provide a faster and more personal service than our national competitors.

Plus, a faster service means happier tenants, which is vital in helping secure longer-term commitments to your properties. Our service means you needn’t worry about all the details, but also shows to your tenants just how much you care about their needs.

Let us Support Your Property Portfolio

There’s no need to stress out about all your portfolio and home servicing needs when you can get it all organised for you in one place.

Our team specialise in helping landlords with their portfolio management, and we guarantee that there will be no increases in price for at least two years when you sign up to a Butco boiler care plan.

So, get in touch today and let’s discuss what we could do for your property portfolio. Call our office on 0333 366 1121 to speak with a member of our team today or send an email to and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible!