Boiler Responsibilities and Boiler Cover for Landlords

Landlords in the UK have several responsibilities when it comes to maintaining their rental properties, especially concerning the boiler and central heating system.

From the legal requirements you must follow to your maintenance responsibilities and the preventative measures you can take, such as specialist boiler cover for landlords, there’s a lot to think about for your portfolio.

Read on to find out more in our comprehensive guide to landlord boiler responsibilities!

What the Law Says about Landlord Boiler Services

Under UK law, landlords are obligated to ensure the safety of gas appliances, including boilers, in their rental properties. Any damage or malfunctions within gas-powered appliances can be dangerous, or even lethal, to your tenants, their families, and their neighbours.

Landlords must ensure that their properties receive annual gas safety checks, in which a Gas Safe registered engineer will check all gas-fed appliances, including the boiler, for dangerous faults or damage. These must be completed every 12 months, and a copy of the most recent certificate must be provided to any new and existing tenants.

Additionally, a carbon monoxide alarm must be fitted in the same room as the boiler to alert your tenants in the event of a leak, since carbon monoxide is poisonous and can kill after prolonged exposure.

Failure to comply with these regulations can result in severe penalties, including fines or even imprisonment.

Is the Landlord or Tenant Responsible for Boiler Maintenance?

Ultimately, it is the landlord’s responsibility to arrange regular servicing and maintenance of the boiler, as well as addressing any repairs or replacements that come about from regular wear and tear on the appliance.

It is also the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that all pipework around the property is well maintained to prevent any issues with the central heating system that is not directly boiler related.

However, while the safety and proper function of the boiler is the landlord’s responsibility, tenants also have a duty to use them responsibly and report any issues promptly. This includes carrying out regular, simple maintenance tasks like bleeding radiators or repressurising the boiler, along with ensuring that they are not carrying out any activities that could be damaging to the boiler or its parts.

How Long Does a Landlord Have to Fix a Boiler?

Should a full boiler breakdown occur that prevents hot water and central heating operations, especially during the winter months, then a landlord should organise an engineer to visit within 24 hours. This is because having no heating or hot water in cold temperatures could be a health risk to your tenants.

Even when not considered an emergency, landlords must address all boiler issues promptly, especially if they could later pose a safety risk to your tenants or the property. While there is no specific timeframe stipulated by law, landlords should prioritise boiler repairs and replacements to minimise inconvenience for tenants and ensure their well-being.

The Responsibilities of Tenants

Tenants play an important role in maintaining the boiler and central heating system in the form of using them responsibly. Your tenants should also know that it is better to report any issues promptly to you or a property management company since small issues can lead to bigger problems down the line.

Encourage your tenants to familiarise themselves with the instructions for operating the boiler in their home. You should keep a copy of every instruction booklet for your appliances in the property which should be easily accessible to the tenant. This will help them adhere to recommended usage practices to prevent avoidable damage or malfunctions.

How Can Landlords Prevent Boiler Breakdowns?

To minimise the risk of boiler breakdowns, ensure the longevity of the central heating system, and save money in the event of an emergency, landlords can take proactive measures, such as:

  • Scheduling regular boiler checks and servicing by qualified engineers to identify and address potential issues before they escalate.
  • Educating tenants on proper boiler usage and maintenance practices, including setting system to optimal temperatures, bleeding radiators when necessary, and reporting any abnormalities quickly.
  • Investing in landlord boiler cover to protect against unexpected repair costs and ensure timely assistance in the event of breakdowns.

Get Your Landlord Boiler Care Plan with Butco

Boiler care and servicing plans are key in helping maintain the efficiency and longevity of the boilers in all your properties, while also covering you in the event of unexpected breakdowns.

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You can even include a gas safety certificate for as little as £2.20 per property on any of our care plans!

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