Why Summer is the Best Time to Get a New Boiler

Boiler efficiency is a crucial consideration for most households, especially when the temperature is barely above freezing in the cold winter months.

That’s why it is vital to ensure your boiler is running efficiently and effectively long before this time, and why summer is the best time to organise a replacement.

Read on to discover various aspects of boiler care and new boiler installation, and to find out why summer may be the best time to prepare for the winter with a new boiler.

When Should I Consider Replacing My Boiler?

At Butco, we recommend that you replace your boiler every 10 to 15 years even if it’s still working.

That’s because the efficiency of your boiler will reduce over time, increasing your heating bills as a result. Plus, as boilers age, finding replacement parts becomes increasingly challenging, making it more expensive to repair should something go wrong.

High boiler efficiency levels are essential for maintaining low energy bills and reducing the environmental impact of your household. Modern condensing boilers can achieve an efficiency level of at least 92%, meaning that for (roughly) every £1 spent on heating your home, only 8p is wasted.

In comparison, older boilers may be operating at around 70% efficiency, which will cost you much more in the long run.

Also, if your boiler has suffered multiple recent issues or your gas engineer has suggested it as part of a routine visit, it is worth considering getting a replacement.

If you have the choice, it is usually best to consider getting a replacement boiler in summer!

Why is Summer the Best Time to Replace Your Boiler?

There are two main reasons why you should replace your boiler in summer rather than in winter. The first is that it will cause reduced disruption to you and your schedule, and the second is that gas engineers tend to have quieter schedules.

Replacing your boiler means going without heating for a short period of time, which is far from ideal in the harsh conditions of the West Midlands winter. By organising your new boiler installation in the summer months, you can minimize disruption to your daily life and rely on natural heat to stay warm.

Our gas engineers also tend to have busy schedules during the winter, as we will be dealing with boiler breakdowns, frozen pipes, and regular boiler care plan appointments. In summer, however, our schedules are less hectic, making it easier to book an appointment at a convenient time for you.

Benefits of Replacing Your Boiler in the Summer

Planning your new boiler installation during the summer means you don’t have to worry about heating your home immediately, giving you time to research different boiler types and brands.

It can be hard to pick the right boiler for you and your property, but don’t worry – you can find out all you need to know about different types of boilers and even receive a free estimate on our website!

Plus, a summer boiler replacement significantly reduces the risk of a boiler breakdown when it is freezing cold. This means you won’t have to call for emergency repairs during winter, keeping you warm and saving you money.

Lastly, a new boiler will be more efficient year-round, keeping your heating bills to a minimum during the winter. This is especially useful now given the cost-of-living crisis and rising gas prices, meaning that a new boiler could help you save significantly in the long run.

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Boiler Installation Costs

While the cost of a new boiler and its installation may seem expensive, it will pay itself back in energy savings in only a few years. Plus, it’s better to replace one ahead of time than potentially pay for an emergency callout and attempted repair fees on top of a new boiler.

Also, a more efficient boiler also means a reduced impact on the environment, significantly reducing household carbon emissions, something that is worth paying a little bit more for.

The total cost of a new boiler will probably fall somewhere around £2,550, though it can vary massively depending on where you want your boiler to go, the type of boiler you already have, the existing pipework at your property, and more.

To maintain boiler efficiency and reduce the risk of needing a new boiler, we recommend securing a boiler care and maintenance plan. We offer three different tiers of care plans to help all aspects of your heating, from a regular annual service right up to internal plumbing and drain care.

Contact Butco for Expert Help With Your Boiler Replacement

Summer is the ideal time to replace your boiler to ensure optimal boiler efficiency for the winter, and our gas engineers will gladly help you through the process, with emergency boiler service support and boiler maintenance plans available to support you.

No matter which type of boiler you are looking to install, or if you’d like to discuss your options with our qualified staff, get in touch. Drop an email to info@butco.com or call the office on 0333 366 1121 for our recommendations!