Landlord Boiler Cover: What It Includes & Why You Need It

As a landlord, you have a range of responsibilities when it comes to maintaining your properties and you must ensure you’re providing your tenants with a home that is protected and secure.  This means you must install and maintain the appropriate heating and security systems.

Studies show that up to 77% of UK residents use central heating to warm their homes during the winter, so chances are, your properties are likely to have boilers installed already.  It is essential that you ensure your properties heating system is maintained and in good working order, so your tenants are warm and safe in their homes.   

What is our BoilerCare Cover and What Does it Include?

Landlord Boiler Cover is an insurance for your heating system that gives you peace of mind knowing that any issues your tenants experience with their boiler could be covered.  By taking out landlord boiler cover with Butco you can remove the need for your tenants to contact you if their heating fails.

Whilst your home insurance may provide some level of boiler cover, you may find that the level of cover may be limited and you will still need to ensure your boiler has been serviced.  If you do not have any boiler cover as a landlord, it’s important you find a suitable boiler service cover plan to fulfil all your needs.

Choosing a dedicated and passionate boiler service provider that offers an industry-leading service and a wide range of cover to suit your requirements is essential.

How Long do Boilers Last?

Boilers will naturally deteriorate from usage over a period of time.   A well-maintained boiler should last between 10 and 15 years, with regular servicing and repairs if needed.

In the UK, the average domestic boiler is used more seasonally. Whilst the UK is familiar with fluctuating weather, we often experience extremely cold temperatures in the winter months, which is when we rely on our boiler systems to keep our homes warm.

How Can You Tell if there is Something Wrong with Your Boiler?

If you or your tenant is worried your boiler is breaking, it’s best to contact our call-out team. 98% of call outs are responded to on the same day, meaning you can rest assured that your tenants remain safe and warm in their homes.

Here are some features you should look for if you’re worried your boiler is breaking:

  • Your boiler is making noises that are louder than usual.
  • Your hot water is not as hot as usual.
  • Your central heating and radiators are not working at optimal efficiency.
  • The boiler itself has difficulty turning on when it should.

How Can Butco Help?

At Butco, our dedicated team of engineers are experts in heating. Our landlord boiler service plans include a FREE annual boiler service and safety check, and we operate a 24-hour callout service for boiler breakdowns. 

Find out what we can do for you by giving us a call on 0121 355 1121 today.

Don’t Just Take our Word for it!

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our boiler service plans:

Butco’s plans are great – I found that I can get everything I need for less than £10 a month. Even 24/7 callout for emergencies.”

“Excellent service, came out same day. Would recommend.