5 Reasons Why You May Need to Replace Your Boiler

There are several reasons why a boiler may need to be replaced, whether it’s coming to the end of its lifespan or if it is becoming too expensive to run with constant boiler repair work or inefficiencies.

Boilers can have surprisingly long and efficient lifetimes when maintained regularly and effectively, but they always become more liable to a breakdown the older they are.

Read on to find out five key reasons why you might need to replace your boiler!

1. Your Boiler is Getting Old

Boilers of all kinds have an operational lifespan of about 15 years, and we recommend that you change your boiler just before you reach that mark. There are a few reasons for this, including efficiency and safety concerns, but one of the most important is because the chance of a boiler emergency or breakdown increases as time goes on.

To ensure you always have the hot water and heating that you need to live comfortably, you need to keep your boiler functioning correctly. A boiler breakdown is not only inconvenient, but it can also be expensive and financially disruptive if you aren’t prepared for it.

Consider organising a boiler replacement at a time that suits you before you have no choice – this can help ensure better financial planning and the continual operation of your hot water system without the costs associated with needing a call out.

2. It Doesn’t Meet Boiler Safety Standards

While your boiler’s age can increase chances of a breakdown, it can also reduce its safety. Your boilers should be formally checked once a year by a registered gas safety engineer who will confirm that your boiler is operating safely and isn’t endangering you or your family.

If a gas engineer discovers that your boiler is not operating safely, your boiler will be condemned and may even be turned off immediately, depending on the severity of the issue.

For example, if your boiler is found to be producing carbon monoxide, it will be considered as an immediate danger to life and switched off. You may even be asked to evacuate your property even after it has been deactivated.

The boiler will need to be repaired, or more likely replaced, as quickly as possible and you will not be allowed to use it under current conditions.

3. Your Boiler is No Longer Covered or Insured

In some cases, you may want to replace your current boiler if your guarantee has expired, none of your insurance plans cover it, and you are struggling to find a provider who can cover it for you. The peace of mind this can bring may be worth the costs of installation, but thankfully there is another way.

Butco offer comprehensive boiler care plans across the midlands from as little as £10.15 a month, meaning you can rest easy knowing that you are always covered in the event of a boiler emergency.

All boiler care cover options even include a free annual boiler service, ensuring that your boiler is well maintained and operating to the highest of standards throughout its lifetime.

We even have landlord boiler cover and electrical options available to ensure the longevity of all devices in your home and any of your rental properties, too!

4. Regular Repairs are Needed to Maintain Your Boiler

If you find that you are calling engineers out for boiler repairs or checks several times a year, you may be spending more money on keeping your current boiler running than a new one could cost to install!

We recommend an effective and healthy boiler be serviced once a year, just so that it is operating at the highest level of efficiency possible. A professional servicing is recommended due to the complex nature of a boiler’s internal workings and a knowledge of how to best maximise efficiency within the system.

An engineer will be able to determine whether a boiler should be replaced or whether it simply needs other repair or optimisation work, such as a powerflush of your central heating system.

Beyond that, if you are finding constant issues and struggling to heat your home effectively, you may need to look into a replacement.

5. You Want to Lower Your Heating Bills

The more efficient your boiler, the lower your energy bills. This is because less fuel needs to be burned to achieve the same level of heat in your system, speeding up the heating process.

The age of your boiler is the main factor in its efficiency levels. This is down to two key factors; boilers naturally deteriorate over time and modern boilers are built using modern technology which is naturally more efficient than older models.

With gas prices so high and at risk of rising further, more efficient modern boilers could be a huge saver on your monthly bills despite the costs associated with new boiler installation.

Find out more about boiler efficiency in our blog on the topic!

How Butco Can Easily Replace Your Boiler

We are the go-to gas and central heating experts of the west midlands, handling new boiler installation, servicing, and more from Wolverhampton to Bromsgrove and everywhere in between.

Our excellent customer service team can help you identify the perfect boiler for your property depending on size, expected usage, and cost. We are partnered with a number of reliable and trustworthy boiler companies, and offer conventional, combi, and system boilers depending on your needs.

Once you’ve picked the right boiler for your property, one of our qualified engineers will pop by to install it at a time that suits you! We ensure the new boiler installation process is as painless as possible and even have an online quotation tool that can help give you an estimate of what your new boiler installation will cost!

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